Welcome to Our Website

This website is being designed to create a centralized way for members and the leadership to keep in touch, get the latest group updates, as well as other related news and information about emergency communications and disaster response. There is a vast amount of resources and collaboration tools that are or will be available through this portal.


Members are encouraged to utilize the available features that are meant to aid them in minimizing confusion, collaborate with other fellow members to workout issues, discuss emcomm or disaster related topics, and things of that nature. Material for any continuing education or recommended training courses and certifications can be found here (ie. syllabus, RSVP forms, etc.)


Who are we, & what do we do?


ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service), RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service), & SKYWARN (not an acronym, severe weather spotting & reporting to the National Weather Service) are all volunteer groups of licensed "ham" radio operators that are trained & certified in emergency communications & disaster relief services. We spend our own time learning, qualifying, and serving those in need. We work closely with the Dept. of Public Safety (encompassing 911 & EMA), the Dept. of Homeland Security, & the National Weather Service. The majority of disaster relief, damage reporting, weather reporting, & backup or auxiliary communications throughout Northwest PA is provided by these groups. Nationwide, these individuals and their services are unparalleled & invaluable assets to our country's security. Click here to read more about us.

Erie County ARES/RACES/SKYWARN Officers

ARES/RACES EC: David Wellman, WX3E - wx3e@ecemcomm.org
ARES Asst. EC and
SKYWARN Forcaster:

Alan Jordano, KB3DUO - kb3duo@ecemcomm.org
Deputy RACES Officer: Gerry Owens, W3GHO - w3gho@ecemcomm.org
SKYWARN EC: Brian Zentis, KA3JVX - ka3jvx@ecemcomm.org
SKYWARN Asst. EC: Donald Erbin Jr, KB3CAA - kb3caa@ecemcomm.org
Digital Radio Officer: Ron Prindle, N3BXL - n3bxl@ecemcomm.org
NBEMS Coordinator: Frank Henry KB3NAT - frank.henry@earthlink.net